Corporate video for Tunbridge Wells photographer

Mimi Van Praagh is a commercial photographer based in Tunbridge Wells and she wanted a promotional video that gave potential clients an insight into who she was, how she operates and the standard of her photography.  Flying Reporter Productions agreed with Mimi that an ‘interview-style’ video overlayed with video from a corporate shoot would be the best way to accentuate her style and approach to her work.

During this efficient, one-day shoot, we filed a beautifully-lit and relaxed interview with Mimi at home, followed by a stint on location with her at a website design business in Tunbridge Wells.  The editing took a further day.  Mimi is a charismatic, fun and engaging photographer and we were keen to bring out her personality.  Scroll down to the video to see what you think.

Ready to make your own corporate video?

Jon Hunt from Flying Reporter Productions has 30 years experience working for the BBC, mostly in TV news.  He can work fast, yet to a high standard.  Contact him now if you would like to harness the potential of corporate video marketing and promotion.

Mimi VP Photography's promo video