Event videography for Hampshire rally

Each year, members of the Light Aircraft Association meet up to socialise, show off their aircraft and hear the latest news and developments from industry leaders.  Flying Reporter Productions was commissioned  by the LAA to produce a video, promoting the fly-in.  The event ran for 3 days at Popham airfield in Hampshire and Flying Reporter Productions filmed at the event on the first day and published a video that evening, hoping that viewers would be inspired to visit. 

Jon Hunt, videographer at Flying Reporter Productions, has 30 years’ experience at the BBC, mostly in news and current affairs and is used to tight deadlines.  Working alone, he interviewed exhibitors and participants, captured the highlights of the event and then edited a professional video on site which was live on the LAA facebook page the same evening.  It’s this no-nonsense approach to getting on with the job that makes Flying Reporter Productions the go-to video production business for event videography.

An accomplished video journalist

In the corporate video production world, it’s rare to find a videographer who can shoot, interview, present and edit video, let alone to the broadcast standards that Flying Reporter Productions set.  Watch Jon Hunt’s report from the LAA grass-roots fly-in and then note that this was a one-man video production operation.  This streamlined event videography service, working at a pace more often found in TV news teams is a cost-effective way to get the most from your marketing budget.

Ready to make your own corporate video?

Jon Hunt from Flying Reporter Productions has 30 years experience working for the BBC, mostly in TV news.  He can work fast, yet to a high standard.  Contact him now if you would like to harness the potential of corporate video marketing and promotion.

The Light Aircraft Association's promotional video