Promo video for Tonbridge roofing company

Johnny and Joleene from the Tonbridge Defender roofing firm, didn’t want to make your average promo video. Sweeping pictures of roof tiles and scaffolding didn’t really fit their character. So we tore up the rule book and made the first in a series of vlogs instead.

We listened to the client

We think it’s vital we listen and understand the client’s needs.  They know their brand, image and messages far better than we do.  In our first client meeting with Joleene and Johnny, we knew that they were a charismatic couple, who were customer-focussed and won business because of who they are, not what they are.  We knew we had to accentuate their infectious, friendly, yet quirky personalities in whatever we produced.  You should have seen the looks on their faces, when we revealed our proposal to them!

As well as the feature-length video, three short videos were made, which were shared on social media.  Flying Reporter Productions collaborated with Lucy Ames from the Tunbridge Wells social media business, Smartist on the project, and she teased the campaign in the weeks leading up to the video’s release. Watch, and see the unique result below.

"Jon's work surpassed our expectations"

Joleene Gonzalez from Tonbridge Defender says: “We worked with Jon recently with the aim of creating an interesting and engaging company video that we could use to promote on our social media channels and website. Jon’s work surpassed our expectations, managing to capture our essence with sensitivity and humour whilst maintaining brand awareness throughout. We were beyond happy with the results and the video makes us chuckle whenever we watch it. There is a real art in making a dry subject interesting whilst still staying true to the authenticity of the brand and Jon achieved this with ease. It was a pleasure to work with him, he’s a consummate professional and we would highly recommend his services.

Ready to make your own corporate video?

Jon Hunt from Flying Reporter Productions has 30 years experience working for the BBC, mostly in TV news.  He can work fast, yet to a high standard.  Contact him now if you would like to harness the potential of corporate video marketing and promotion.

Tonbridge Defenders Promo Vlog